For the Couple that doesn't want any "posed" shots


As a wedding photographer, I come across these clients quite often and what I am realizing is what some couples do not quite get is that many of the shots that they think are serendipitous are actually posed. Here are a couple shots that are posed in a natural way. If you did already understand that these are posed, let me give you a few reasons you should still want them.

1. When you print pictures for your mantel piece or wall most likely you will want a portrait.

2. You think that you are not "photogenic" or are uncomfortable posing. I can totally a relate but this is even more of a reason you should spend a decent time (at least twenty minutes) taking photos, the more you have to choose from the better chance there is that you will like a photo of your self.

3. Another thing worth mentioning is that just because the shutter has gone of ten times, does not mean that every photograph is a winner. You may have hired a fabulous photographer but even the best photographer will not show you his/her deleted shots. There can be many reasons that these 10 are all not winners: a. you just happened to blink as the shutter went off. b Maybe your mouth did a weird unflattering thing. c. The focus might just be slightly off in one. d. A million other reasons.

3. Your parents & grandparents will want them.

4. You will wish you had them to show your children & grandchildren one day.

5. If you want to get your wedding published the editor of the blog will want a few of these.

Shooting for at least 20 minutes can ensure that you get photographs you love.

Want some tips on what to do if you are uncomfortable with the camera? Try these poses.

a. Walking towards the photographer & holding each others hand and looking at each other. Try to avoid looking straight at the photographer for that natural "We are just taking a stroll look."

b. Looking at each other and talking but not too much talking you don't want your mouth to always be open. ( ; But the looking at each other can make each of you feel comfortable and in your own zone. Another tip: Walk a little closer to each other then you normally would, it makes for a better photo.

c. Walking away from the photographer. I love these shots, they are very romantic.

d. Giving each other a kiss. Maybe have the groom kiss your cheek or your forehead or vice verse.

e. Bring a funny prop, I know some people this these are cheesy but they can really lighten up the mood. Maybe use a prop from your wedding or bring some funny mustaches, or bring a chalk board and write a note on it.

f. Try a little slow dancing. These are very cute, and may not even come across as dancing. And will probably make you laugh which is good for photos!

g. If there is a certain element of your self that you are self conscious about tell your photographer. I for instance have a tendency to squish my arms against my self and make them look waay bigger then they are, it might be silly but I hate this. If I had a photographer that knew to look for this he could say " Hey Deb move your arms out a little!" and I would be eternally grateful! Maybe you don't like your butt or your belly or thighs, tell the photographer & they can work on framing these out & avoid shooting from low angles. Low angels make people look slightly larger, so they can shoot straight on or slightly above.